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Ingrid Herrmann
Hi there! I'm a graphic designer and wannabe-artist who loves to draw and paint more than anything in the world.
I hope you like my gallery! see you around (:
  • Listening to: The Glitch Mob - Animus Vox
  • Drinking: Coke
I returned home a couple of days ago. I'm really happy, I've been waiting for a long time to visit the United States; and as far as I got to know and visit, I can tell it's a great country. I had a lot of fun. Florida is a very beautiful state, totally worth visiting.

I wanted to make a list of some punctual conclusions I made, so here it is:

- Key West is fantastic. I only spent a day and a half there, it has beautiful bars and beautiful streets (full of cats and roosters!).
- Orlando is incredible.
But Disney World isn't (in my opinion) THAT fantastic. It was actually a disappointment. Magic Kingdom was... bleh. Almost 50% of the park consists in stores and restaurants, and the rides and stuff were too light (except for Space Mountain, that was great). I know it was all designed for the kids but still... it's kinda full of weirdos, there's an important ammount of people going around in scooters (but we only saw them in this place in particular) and people eating meat with their hands and a bit too much enthusiasm (in words of my mother, as a vegetarian I'm super glad I didn't notice their presence xD).
Epcot was so much better, I congratulate the gardeners. It's full of trees, flowers and... ducks lol (YES) everywhere, and the attractions were meant for all ages. Something we really enjoyed.
And Universal Studios is just CRAZY. I loved those parks, I went through all the roller coasters, and had great fun there. During the night that place is a delight, I highly recommend it.
- Miami is a nice city. We didn't like it as much as the previous locations, but still we spent cool days there.

- BIKERS, bikers EVERYWHERE excited happy 
My father told me that americans had TRUE motorcycles but wow, they are sooooo damn cool. Lana del Rey passed on me the love, they showed up and I just stood there watching their jackets, their bandanas and choppers like an idiot.
- And LOTS of US flags everywhere as well. Their pride and their love for their country is super tangible all the time. I felt jealous and sad about this matter, I wish I could feel that proud of my own country too, but things are as messed up as they could possibly be right now in Argentina...
- I even miss the traffic signs. Everything everywhere looks brand new, clean and very, very well maintained.
- We met very nice people. The latin americans working around made us feel really comfortable speaking in spanish. There were some americans that offered to speak in our language to make things easier for us, specially because we were surrounded by new new new, new stores, new streets, names and totally unknown stuff, I appreciate a lot that aid.
- We met surly individuals too, but just a few. I left the US with a good impression of the people.
- The radios keep playing, dozens, countless times: "Burn" (Ellie Glouding) "Dark Horse" and "Roar" (Katy Perry) "Radioactive" (Imagine Dragons) "The story of my life" (One Direction) "Counting Stars" (OneRepublic... damn, they are OBSESSED with that one XD) "Let her go" (Passenger)
- Pizza Hut is a temptation impossible to avoid ;_; I wish we had it here too :c sadly, eat in a restaurant and watch you wallet cry. As a visitor, go to the supermarket and cook in the hotel if you want the best survival option.
(I saw a guy in front of one Pizza Hut in Miami Beach with his laptop, playing League of Legends. That was kinda cool I guess! and risky! it was during the night,
- Lots of channels in spanish and signs both in english and spanish, in the beginning that surprised me but as time went by and met more and more and more latin immigrants or latin visitors (and as a southern state) that made uh great sense lol
- No matter where you look in Miami, up or down, or even inside your hotel you'll see a palm tree I GUARANTEE it WAAA??? plz !

I loved my holidays, I loved Florida and I'm hoping to visit California soooomeday, it's been an unfulfilled dream since I was 17 ;_;

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